ReVision Energy

Established in 2003

About Us

Renewable Energy Maine - Solar Power, Hot Water, Wood & Pellet Boilers

Revision is here to help people and businesses transition away from an oil-based economy to a sustainable renewable energy economy. It specializes in solar electric systems, solar hot water systems and wood and pellet boilers. In terms of project experience, ReVision Energy has installed more than half of all solar energy systems in Maine for the past three years.

Its experienced installers are certified by the state to perform solar electric, solar hot water and wood boiler installations. ReVision also carries NABCEP certification and master plumber and master electrician licenses. It believes this full-service renewable energy approach streamlines projects by eliminating the cost and hassle of dealing with multiple subs.

In terms of robust design and system performance, ReVision's engineers from MIT and Brown University have a combined 25 years experience in the design, installation and service of renewable energy systems. The company continues to invest in research and development to ensure that its customers receive the most reliable systems available.

ReVision Energy is Maine's leading installer of fossil-fuel alternatives like grid-tied solar electricity, solar hot-water systems and wood and pellet boilers. These technologies require knowledge and experience to be installed and serviced properly. ReVision Energy already has more than 10 years' experience learning the nuances of environmentally sensitive technology.

Its approach is that of a full service company offering design, sales, installation and service. It doesn't just sell equipment. It has a professional, highly trained staff of licensed and insured technicians who are experts in their fields.

Products/Services Provided

Solar Hot Water
Solar hot water is a practical way to save money on fossil fuel costs while making a positive impact on the environment. After 10 years installing and servicing Solar Hot Water systems in the harsh Maine climate, ReVision has distilled its knowledge into a design that it believes has the highest efficiency and longevity, with the lowest installation costs.

Solar Electricity
Several years ago a new product entered the market and transformed solar electricity forever: the grid-tied inverter. In essence, this system uses the electrical grid as its "storage." Now, instead of connecting solar panels to a battery bank, they are connected directly to the Central Maine Power grid. This inverter allows the system to feed surplus solar power to the grid, or draw electricity when there is not enough sun. During the summer months, when the homeowner is producing more than is needed, the extra feeds his or her neighbor's meter and the homeowner gets a credit.


  • NABCEP certification for solar electric & solar hot water system design, installation & service
  • Maine solar hot water & solar electric system installation certification
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Installer Profile
System Install Statistics
  • 1,000kW Total Installed
  • 200 On-Grid Installs
  • 50 Off-Grid Installs
  • 300 Thermal Installs
  • 10 Pool Installs
  • 25 Space Heating Installs
Office Locations
142 Presumpscot St.
Portland, ME, 04103